My name is Imanina and I'm a designer interested in designing out capitalism, rather than waiting for it to fail. I'm interested in creating more inclusive societies that are more representative of the diversity of people that live there.
I studied product design at undergrad level before moving on to creating and running my own stationery brand. I still have a strong interest for paper, crafting and illustrating but mostly limit this to for pleasure rather than my main source of income.
Following this I then studied for my masters in design innovation and citizenship which I have very recently graduated from (Aug 2020). I've always questioned how my role as a designer can be one that facilitates change or can have a positive social impact.
I touched on it briefly in my last project, but something I'd like to explore more is narratives around representation - in terms of politics, the media and even in design. I'm a mixed race woman, born in Brunei but with British citizenship and from a working class background. Something I've always struggled with is identity, who am I and where do I belong? And I know I'm not the only one to be asking these questions.
So if you want to chat design, politics, the media or maybe you want to know how to bookbind a notebook - you can find me on Twitter - @byimanina or email me -
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